Workplace Wellbeing and Event Enhancement





Soul Works provides a range of wellness options that can be incorporated into a conference programme. Big or small, our aim is to create space where delegates, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and partners feel well and cared for. Human connection and engagement are paramount to the meeting and event experience. The science of wellness – specifically how our bodies react to the physical environments we inhabit – has long been overlooked, and is now deeply relevant.

Interested in enriching your corporate event with a mind-body-soul focus? Soul Works Event Menu has been developed to help you ensure your next corporate event is engaging and memorable.


Breathwork is a simple and easy tool that reps an abundance of readily felt benefits. Through breath, we can restore the nervous system and bring people to an equilibrium of calm, and focus. This simple yet accessible tool can suit any sized conference; big or small. Nothing is more calming and connective than having a group of people breathe together!

● Improves Mental Focus
● Reduces Feelings of Anxiety
● Stronger Respiratory Function


Moving our bodies is a quick and easy way to engage and refocus our minds! Whether we are using movement to awaken or relax, we can tailor our expertise to meet your needs. We can focus and energise, or calm and restore. In any sized space; from yoga in your chair to larger-scale auditoriums.

● Increases Body Awareness
● Centres focus and attention
● Relieves Stress
● Restores Nervous System


Conferences can be overwhelming, so we’ve incorporated massage therapists into our work. The combination of a busy schedule, and sitting down for extended periods, can cause stress in the body, especially the neck and shoulders. That’s why we have incorporated 8-10 minute chair massages for your neck and shoulders. We provide the chairs and the massage specialists so that you can relax, reset and refocus.

● Increases Circulation and Focus
● Reduces Stress
● Lowers Heart Rate and Blood Pressure
● Improves Immune Function


Rest and well-being have always been fertile spaces for inspiration, clarity, and connection. Let your Delegates relax and refocus as Soul Works instils calm into your conference through intentional Reset Rooms. A sanctuary for your eyes, ears and body, to re-still, restore and relax.
Take time away from the busy conference and let your mind reset.

● Ambient Lighting and Music
● Soft Seating Options and Meditation Cushions
● Mindfulness App with Headphones
● Essential oil defuses to enrich your senses!


We facilitate Wellness sessions on a variety of subjects so that your delegates and participants can learn skills to improve their well-being!
Topics include:

● Sleep & Hygiene
● Dissolving Stress
● Understanding the Gut and Brain Connection
● Boosting Energy
● Balancing Hormones
● Strengthening Immunity
● Emotional Eating
● And more…


Check out our 2023/24 Holiday Wellness Packages! Email today for more information. 

Wellbeing is not just the absence of illness and disease. It is the combination of balancing the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social needs of the body.

Well-being is vital and strongly linked to happiness and life satisfaction. In short, well-being could be described as how you feel about yourself and your life. In addition to our conference offerings, Soul Works brings a range of WorkPlace Solutions that can be combined to create a customised well-rounded
employee wellness programme.





A lovely space to unwind and reset after a mentally busy few days. Thank you for curating this space.



This is a very needed space in conferences. Thank you for this.


Thank you for this quiet place. Relaxing. I was able to pray and connect with God in prayer in the midst of the busy day.

Jun C

Thank you for creating such a calm and beautiful oasis. Such a lovely place to breastfeed my 8 week old and reset when here to celebrate my husband’s GP graduation.

Alana and Tom

A great recharge for me. Amazing space and design which is so relaxing and calm.

Anthony Dewan

Thank you. So restful and calm. Perfect after morning yoga with Sarah – another inspired aspect of the conference.

Jan Arnold

Thank  you for enhancing my wairua.

Rachel Mackie

Thank you Soul Works for an amazing space that feeds the soul.

Sam, President RNZCGP

I enjoyed the breathing before the panel discussion – was just what I needed.

Francois Barton

Myself and my colleague  really enjoyed this space. It was so relaxing and a great place to rest in during the conference.
Thank you for providing this lovely space.


Beautiful space, thanks for having me.
Ka rare! Tetaiae in a whare – ideal for our services for kai. Great resources – ideal to heal in homes/workplace and workspaces, manawa Tiro! REST accomplished – Whakamaoritia!